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All abstracts by Kai-Uwe Hinrichs in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Novel Isotopic Techniques to Investigate the Deep Subsurface Acetate Cycle
Mueller EP, Panehal J, Hansen CT, Song M, Boettger J, Heuer VB, Warr O, Bach W, Hinrichs K-U, Eiler J, Orphan V, Sherwood Lollar B & Sessions AL

(2023) Importance of Autotrophy in Continental Wetlands as Revealed by Coupled Metagenomic and Lipid Biomarker Approaches
Coffinet S, Dufresne A, Quaiser A, Hinrichs K-U & Laverman A

(2023) Clues on Methane’s Biogeochemistry and Associated Heterotrophic Microbes in Marine Sediments from AOM Enrichment Cultures
Elvert M, Zhu Q, Gropp J, Taubner H, Halevy I, Hinrichs K-U & Wegener G

(2022) Untargeted μm-Scale Imaging of Sedimentary Climate Archives: A Fresh Look at Existing Data
Liu W, Alfken S, Wörmer L, Lipp JS & Hinrichs K-U

(2022) Mass Spectrometry Imaging as a New Tool for Deep Time Ecological Reconstruction
Nettersheim BJ, Wendt J, Wörmer L, Obreht I, Alfken S, Taubner H, Decker C, Hübner A, Schott C, Cvačka J, Schulz H-M, Hallmann C & Hinrichs K-U

(2021) Archaeal Niche Partitioning and Non-Temperature Effects on the TEX86 Paleotemperature Proxy in Planktonic Communities from the Gulf of Mexico
Elling FJ, Warren C, Nigro LM, Goldenstein NI, Teske A & Hinrichs K-U

(2021) Identification of Microbial Methane Sources and Sinks in an Aquifer-Fed Continental Wetland with a Multi-Omics Approach
Coffinet S, Dufresne A, Quaiser A, Longuevergne L, Hinrichs K-U & Laverman A

(2019) Examining Pathways of Hydrocarbon Gas Generation in Guaymas Basin Hydrothermal Sediments
Song M, Schubotz F, Kellermann MY, Hansen CT, Bach W, Teske AP & Hinrichs K-U

(2019) Bacterial Heterotrophy in AOM Enrichments
Zhu Q, Wegener G, Hinrichs K-U & Elvert M

(2019) The Utilization of Intact Polar Lipids to Track Marine Petroleum Systems
Peters CA, Ventura GT, Bentley JN, Hubert CRJ, Lipp JS, MacDonald A, Fowler MG, Schubotz F & Hinrichs K-U

(2019) Precise Timing of Environmental Changes Across the Younger Dryas Interval in the Cariaco Basin Revealed by Molecular Stratigraphy at Sub-Annual Resolution
Wörmer L, Boehman B, Wendt J, Haug G & Hinrichs K-U

(2019) Forcing Mechanisms Behind the Time-Transgressive Younger Dryas Cooling Across the North Atlantic Realm
Obreht I, Wörmer L, Wendt J, Alfken S, Elvert M, Brauer A & Hinrichs K-U

(2018) The Butanetriol Dialkyl Glycerol Tetraethers (BDGTs), Potential Biomarkers for Methanogenesis?
Coffinet S, Mühlena L, Crump MP, Meador TB, Becker KW, Schröder J, Heuer VB, Lipp JS & Hinrichs K-U

(2018) µm-Scale Molecular Stratigraphy in Santa Barbara Basin Sediment
Alfken S, Wörmer L, Lipp JS, Schimmelmann A & Hinrichs K-U

(2018) The Dormant Deep Biosphere: Assessing Global Abundance of Bacterial Endospores and their Response to Burial and Aging in the Marine Subseafloor
Wörmer L, Hoshino T, Bowles M, Viehweger B, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

(2018) Endospore Distribution in the Nankai Trough Deep Biosphere – Insights from IODP Expedition 370
Viehweger B, Gajendra N, Wörmer L, Heuer V & Hinrichs K-U

(2018) Temperature Limits of the Deep Biosphere
Heuer V, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Viehweger B, Wörmer L & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) The Global Survey of Subseafloor Sedimentary Microbiomes
Hoshino T, Doi H, Wömer L, Morono Y, D'Hondt S, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

(2017) Biotic and Abiotic Carbon Cycling in Geothermally Heated Sediments from the Nankai Trough
Gan S, Heuer V, Schmidt F, Wörmer L, Adhikari R & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) Temperature Limit of the Deep Biosphere off Muroto (T-Limit)
Heuer VB, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Hinrichs K-U, Kubo Y, Maeda L & Expedition 370 Scientists T

(2017) Recent Advances in the Biogeochemistry of Microbial Lipids (C.C. Patterson Award Lecture)
Hinrichs K-U

(2017) An Improved Dipicolinic Acid (DPA) Based Method for Detecting Endospores in Low-Biomass Sedimentary Samples
Viehweger B, Wörmer L, Arndt J & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) The Deep Biosphere in Bengal Fan Sediments (IODP Exp. 354)
Adhikari RR, Heuer VB, Elvert M, Hoshino T, Inagaki F, Kallmeyer J, Kitte A, Wörmer L & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) Advancing Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Sediments: Lipid Biomarker Analysis with Sub-Mm Resolution
Wörmer L, Wendt J, Alfken S, Wang J-X, Elvert M & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) Investigating the Activity of Methanogenic Archaea in Marine Sediments by Lipid Radioisotope Probing
Coffinet S, Evans TW, Könneke M, Elvert M, Lipp JS & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) Seasonal Impact of Exported Particulate Matter on the TEX86-proxy in the Upwelling Area off Cape Blanc, Atlantic Ocean, NW Africa
Ebersbach F, Goldenstein NI, Iversen MH, Lipp JS, Elvert M, Sulz F & Hinrichs K-U

(2017) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Coupled to Iron Reduction (Fe-Aom) Associated with Iron, Sulfur and Carbon Cycles in Anoxic Sediments
Chuang P-C, Heuer V, Hinrichs K-U & Zabel M

(2016) IODP T-Limit Project: Constraining the Temperature Limit of Subseafloor Life in the Nankai Subduction Zone
Hinrichs K-U, Inagaki F, Heuer V, Morono Y, Konoshita M & Kubo Y

(2016) Assessing Abundance and Relevance of Bacterial Endospores in the Marine Subsurface
Wörmer L, Hoshino T, Viehweger B, Meador T, Gajendra N, Stern B, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

(2016) Global Distribution Patterns of  aerobic and Anaerobic Microbial Communities in Deep Subseafloor Sediments
Hoshino T, Wömer L, Nan X, Morono Y, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

(2016) NanoSIMS Reveals Activity in Deepest Samples Ever Collected by Marine Scientific Drilling
Trembath-Reichert E, Morono Y, Ijiri A, Dawson K, Hinrichs K-U & Inagaki F

(2016) Temperature Effects on Life in the Deep Subseafloor Biosphere
Heuer V, Gan S, Lipp J, Morono Y, Inagaki F & Hinrichs K-U

(2016) Factors Controlling the Distribution of Microbial Lipids in Marine Subseafloor Sediments
Hinrichs K-U, Meador T, Buttigieg P-L, Teske A & Darclife T

(2016) Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Molecular Biomarkers on Intact Sediment Sections
Wörmer L, Moros M, Schimmelmann A & Hinrichs K-U

(2016) Stable Isotope Probing Reveals the Preferential Growth of Branched GDGT Source Microorganisms Under Aerobic Conditions in Peat
Huguet A, Meador TB, Laggoun-Défarge F, Könneke M, Derenne S & Hinrichs K-U

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