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All abstracts by Zhaochu Hu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Tracking Sulfide Fractionation in Deep Continental Arcs: Implications for Porphyry Cu Deposits
Chen K, Wang Z, Tang M, Zou Z, Hu Z & Liu Y

(2018) A Rapid and Simple Single-Stage Method for Ca Separation from Geological and Biological Samples for Isotopic Analysis by MC-ICP-MS
Feng L, Zhou L, Zhang W, Yang L, Tong S & Hu Z

(2017) Quantitative Analysis of Major and Trace Elements in NH4HF2-modified Geological Sample Powders by Laser Ablation – Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Zhang W, Hu Z & Liu Y

(2017) Green and Fast Laser Fusion Techinque for Bulk Silicate Rock Analysis by Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Zhang C, Luo T, Hu Z & Miao Q

(2017) A Rapid Acid Digestion Technique for Simultaneous Determination of Bromine and Iodine in Soils and Sediments by ICP-MS
He T, Xie J, Hu Z, Liu T, Luo T, Zhang W & Miao Q

(2017) Shallow Subduction of the Paleo-Asian Oceanic Plate beneath the Northern North China Craton: Constraints from Peridotite Xenoliths in the Yangyuan Basalts
Wang C, Liu Y, Zong K, Wang F & Hu Z

(2016) SiC-Dominated Ultra-Reduced Mineral Assemblage in Carbonatitic Xenolith from the Dalihu Basalt, Inner Mongolia, China
He D, Liu Y, Gao C, Chen C, Hu Z & Gao S

(2016) Geochemical Constraint on High-Pressure Mafic Granulite Formation in the Dunhuang Block, Northeastern Tarim Craton
Zong K, Yuan Y, Cheng H, Liu Y & Hu Z

(2016) In situ Sulfur Isotopes (δ34S and δ33S) Analyses in Sulfides and Elemental Sulfur Using High Sensitivity Cones Combined with the Addition of Nitrogen by Laser Ablation MC-ICP-MS
Fu J, Luo T, Hu Z, Yang L & Liu Y

(2016) Oceanic Crust Recycling and Generation of Cenozoic Basalts in the Trans-North China Orogen
Xu R, Liu Y, Wang X, Zong K, Hu Z, Chen H, Zhou L & Gao S

(2016) An Evaluation of Digestion Methods for Trace Elements Determination in Bauxite Materials Using ICP-MS
Zhang W, Qi L & Hu Z

(2016) Improvement of in situ Fe Isotope Analyses of Silicate Reference Glasses with a Synthetic Cr Standard by femtosecond-MC-ICP-MS
Xu L, Hu Z, Gao S, Liu Y & Ni Q

(2016) Improvements on High-Precision Eu Isotope Analysis by MC-ICP-MS
Li M, Chai X, Gao S, Hu Z, Liu Y, Zhou L & Chen H

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