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All abstracts by Tim E. Johnson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Timescales of Archaean Magmatism
Gardiner N, Johnson T & Kirkland C

(2019) Unveiling Hidden Processes in Archean Rocks with Petrochronology
Taylor R, Johnson T, Clark C & Harrison R

(2019) On the Emergence of Plate Tectonics
Brown M & Johnson T

(2019) Correlative Microanalysis of a Unique, Chondritic, Precambrian Impactor
Ball M, Taylor R, Einsle J, Audinot J-N, Johnson T & Harrison R

(2019) TTG Formation: Water-Present Melting as an Alternative to High-Pressure Melting
Pourteau A, Blereau ER, Doucet LS, Volante S, Johnson TE, Collins WJ & Li Z-X

(2016) P–T–t Evolution of the UHT Rogaland–Vest Agder Sector, SW Norway
Blereau E, Clark C, Johnson T, Taylor R, Kinny P & Hand M

(2016) Targeting the Timing of Zircon Deformation with Atom Probe and Correlative Microscopy
Reddy SM, Saxey DW, Rickard WDA, Fougerouse D, Taylor RJM & Johnson TE

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