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All abstracts by Matthew Jackson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Mantle Source and Magma Evolution of the Dying Spreading Ridge in the South China Sea
Zhang G, Jackson M, Sun W & Seward G

(2018) Water Systematics in the Samoan Lithosphere
Ashley A, Bizimis M, Peslier A, Jackson M & Konter J

(2018) A Relationship between Sulfur Isotopes, μ182W, and 3He/4He: Evaluating the Possibility of S- Isotope Heterogeneity in a Primitive Mantle Reservoir
Dottin Iii J, Farquhar J, Labidi J & Jackson M

(2018) Transcrustal Magmatic Systems
Blundy J, Jackson M & Melekhova E

(2018) Isotopically Heavy Boron in the Source of Ocean Island Basalts
Marschall H & Jackson M

(2017) Tracking Hadean Processes in Modern Basalts
Horan M, Carlson R, Walker R, Jackson M & Mundl A

(2017) Ancient 182W Signatures in Modern Ocean Island Basalts
Mundl A, Walker R, Touboul M, Jackson M, Day J, Kurz M, Lekic V & Helz R

(2017) The Oxidation State of Fe in Glasses from the Austral Islands: Limits on Effects of the HIMU Mantle End-Member on Oxygen Fugacity
Peterson M, Brounce M, Stolper E, Eiler J, Hanyu T, Nichols A & Jackson M

(2017) Hot Plumes Entrain Higher 3He/4He
Jackson M, Konter J & Becker T

(2016) F, Cl, S Concentrations and Pb Isotopes in Melt Inclusions from São Miguel, Azores
Rose-Koga EF, Koga KT, Moreira M, Vlastelic I, Jackson MG, Whitehouse MJ & Shimizu N

(2016) Magma Accumulation and Differentiation in a Mushy Magma Chamber: Insights from Numerical Modelling
Jackson M, Solano J, Blundy J & Sparks S

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