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All abstracts by Jessica Fitzsimmons in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Controls on the Distribution of Particulate Trace Metals Across the Western Antarctic Peninsula Shelf
Flanagan OG, Annett A, Sherrell RM, Fitzsimmons J, Ohnemus D & Lohan M

(2021) Using Seawater Iron Isotopes to Characterize the Physicochemical Speciation and Scavenging Rates of Dissolved Iron: Southern East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Plume
Steffen J, Summers B, Conway T, German C, Sherrell RM & Fitzsimmons J

(2021) Role of Suspended Particulate Matter in Governing Dissolved Nd in the Southern East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Plume
Basak C, Wu Y, Haley BA, Muratli J, Pena LD, Bolge L, Fitzsimmons J, Sherrell RM & Goldstein SL

(2020) Lead Concentration and Isotopic Compositions in the Central Tropical North Pacific Ocean
Boyle E, Jiang S, Fitzsimmons J & Lanning N

(2020) Tracing the Influence of Fe Sources in the North Pacific Using Fe Isotopes (Preliminary Results from GP15)
Sieber M, Lanning N, Fitzsimmons J, Weiss G, Hatta M, John S & Conway T

(2020) Seawater Iron Isotopes as a New Tool to Characterize the Physicochemical Speciation of Dissolved Iron: Southern East Pacific Rise Case Study
Fitzsimmons J, Steffen J, Summers B, Conway T & Sherrell R

(2019) Lead Isotopes and Heavy Metal Concentrations in Galveston Bay, TX
Mulcan Lopez A, Brandon A, Fitzsimmons J & Ramos F

(2017) Spectromicroscopy of Marine Colloids: Scanning Transmission X-Ray Microscopy (STXM) and Synchrotron Infrared Nano-Spectroscopy (SINS)
Toner B, Hoffman C, Jansen L, Johnston C, Voelz J, Penn L & Fitzsimmons J

(2017) Dissolved Trace Metal Micronutrients Fe, Mn, Zn, Ni, Cu and Cd in the Western Arctic Ocean (U.S. GEOTRACES GN01)
Jensen L, Sherrell R & Fitzsimmons J

(2016) Hawaiian Imprint on Dissolved Rare Earth Elements, Nd, and Ra Isotopes at Station ALOHA
Fröllje H, Pahnke K, Schnetger B, Brumsack H-J, Dulai H & Fitzsimmons J

(2016) Sinking Feelings: Model and Iron Isotope Evidence for the Fate of Fe from the East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal System
John S, Fitzsimmons J, Marsay C, German C & Sherrell R

(2016) Biogeochemistry of Iron on the West Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf
Fitzsimmons J, Sherrell R & Roccanova V

(2015) Role of Authigenic Fe-Mineral Formation in the Delivery of Carbon to Marine Sediments
Toner B, Hoffman C, Fitzsimmons J, Sherrell R, Heller M, Lam P & German C

(2015) Oceanic Distribution, Properties, and Temporal Variability of Iron Colloids
Boyle E & Fitzsimmons J

(2014) Soluble and Colloidal Iron Phases along the U.S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Transect: A New Model of Dissolved Fe Size Partitioning
Fitzsimmons J, Carrasco G, Wu J & Boyle E

(2013) Iron Isotopes in Seawater from the Southeast Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans
Fitzsimmons J, Conway T, John S & Boyle E

(2012) Aerosol Release of Fe into the Ocean: The Extreme Cases
Boyle E & Fitzsimmons J

(2012) Dissolved Iron in the Southeast Pacific Ocean: OMZ to the Gyre
Fitzsimmons JN, Lee J-M, Kayser RA & Boyle EA

(2011) Dissolved Iron Partitioning between Soluble and Colloidal Fractions in the Tropical North Atlantic Ocean
Fitzsimmons J & Boyle E

(2009) Iron Distribution in the Surface and Oxygen Minimum Waters of the Tropical North Atlantic
Boyle E, Zhang R, Fitzsimmons J, Lee J-M & Ito T

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