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All abstracts by Jeffrey P. Fitts in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Wollastonite Hydration, Dissolution, and Calcite Precipitation for Targeted Mineral Carbonation
Ling FT, Tao Z, Plattenberger D, Fitts JP, Peters CA & Clarens A

(2017) Reaction-Induced Porous Fracture Surfaces: Effects on Fracture Friction and Permeability during Shear
Spokas K, Fang Y, Elsworth D, Fitts J & Peters C

(2017) Barite Particle Precipitation Kinetics and Trace Metal Uptake
Hunter H, Ling F, Fitts J & Peters C

(2015) Targeted Control of Subsurface Permeability Using Mineral Carbonation Reactions
Clarens A, Fitts J & Tao Z

(2013) Spatial Variation of Dissolution at Fracture Boundaries
Fitts JP, Deng H, Tappero R & Peters CA

(2013) Molybdenum Speciation and Distribution in Ancient Euxinic Shales by µXRF and µXANES Spectroscopy
Chappaz A, Fitts JP & Dahl TW

(2012) Molybdenum Sequestration in Sulfidic Sediments: Xafs Evidence for mo Reduction
Chappaz A, Dahl TW, Fitts JP & Lyons TW

(2011) Geochemical Alteration of Fracture Geometry during Leakage of CO2
Ellis BR, Peters CA, Fitts JP, Bromhal GS, McIntyre DL & Warzinski RP

(2010) Structure-Catalytic Activity Relationship of Biogenic Pd Nanoparticles
Fitts JP, Chidambaram D, Hennebel T, Taghavi S, Boon N, Verstraete W & van der Leile D

(2009) Exploring the Relationship between Molybdenum and Organic Matter Through Experimental Approaches and XAS and NMR Characterization
Chappaz A, Lyons TW, Fitts JP & Myneni SCB

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