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All abstracts by Kanchana Kularatne in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) CO2 Storage and H2 Production from Olivine Bearing Mine Tailings
Kularatne K, Martinez I & Sissmann O

(2017) Formation of Reduced Carbon Compounds Using Natural Catalysts in Hydrothermal Experiments
Martinez I, Vacquand C, Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Milesi V & Bernard S

(2017) Abiotic Hydrocarbon Production: The Role of Mineral Catalysts
Kularatne K, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Chardin M, Carlut J & Guyot F

(2016) Catalytic Potential of Natural Minerals Towards Fischer-Tropsch Type (FTT) Synthesis of Hydrocarbons
Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Martinez I, Chardin M, Carlut J & Guyot F

(2015) New Experimental Insights on Hydrogen/Hydrocarbon Generation and Simultaneous Carbonation of Olivine (Mg, Fe)2SiO4
Kularatne K, Sissmann O, Martinez I, Chardin M, Noirez S, Vermesse H, Bouboune I, Labaume J, Lopes De Azavedo J, Lutz F, Hayrault P, Kohler E, Cordier L, Carlut J & Guyot F

(2013) New Experimental Data on TiO2 Solubility in Hydrous Rhyolite Melts: Implications for Titanium-in-Quartz Thermobarometry
Kularatne K & Aud├ętat A

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