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All abstracts by Woodward W. Fischer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) More Than Just an Age – U-Pb Dating of Neoarchean Carbonates
Neagu N, Kylander-Clark A, Fischer WW & Ryb U

(2023) The Carbon Isotopic Composition of Archean Kerogen and its Preservation or Change Through the Rock Cycle
Zeichner SS, Fischer WW, Moore KR & Eiler J

(2023) Permafrost Mercury Stores and Mobilization by Riverbank Erosion in the Yukon River Basin of Alaska
Smith MI, Seelen E, Douglas M, Ke Y, Magyar JS, Mutter EA, Fischer WW, Lamb MP & West AJ

(2015) Evolution of Anoxygenic Phototrophy
Hemp J, Ward L, Shih P, Pace L, Johnson J & Fischer W

(2015) Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis Triggered the Rise of Oxygen
Ward L, Hemp J, Shih P, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2015) Manganese and the Evolution of Photosynthesis
Fischer W, Johnson J, Hemp J, Johnson H & Webb S

(2015) Diversity and Evolution of Nitric Oxide Reduction
Pace L, Hemp J, Murali R, Ward L, Sanford R, Gennis R & Fischer W

(2015) Interpreting Primary Versus Metamorphic Manganese in Ancient Sedimentary Basins
Johnson J, Webb S, Beukes N & Fischer W

(2014) Microbial Manganese Reduction and its Mineralogical Record
Johnson J, Savalia P, Kocar B, Webb S, Nealson K & Fischer W

(2014) Large δ34SCAS Variability Among Sedimentary Components in End-Ordovician-Age Strata
Present T, Paris G, Burke A, Fischer W & Adkins J

(2014) Using Novel Coupled Microscale Techniques to Investigate Iron-Bearing Minerals in Precambrian Sedimentary Rocks and their Use as a Redox Proxy
Slotznick S, Webb S, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2014) Compound-Specific Carbon Isotopes Reveal Distinct Organic Carbon Sources Through the Shuram Excursion from the Sultanate of Oman
Lee C, Love G, Fike D, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Summons R

(2014) Links between the Sedimentary Redox Cycle and Marine Acid-Base Chemistry
Reinhard CT & Fischer WW

(2014) Archean ‘Whiffs of Oxygen’ Tied to Post-Depositional Processes
Fischer W, Slotznick S, Johnson J, Webb S, Rasmussen B, Raub T & Kirschvink J

(2013) Earth Surface Redox Constraints from the Ancient Cr Cycle
Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Wang X, Fischer W, Johnson T & Lyons T

(2013) Sedimentary and Genomic Insights into the Evolution of Iron Oxidation
Fischer WW, Johnson JE, Hemp J, Pace LA, Planavsky NJ & Webb SM

(2013) Environmental Diversity of Denitrification
Pace L, Hemp J, Murali R, Gennis R & Fischer W

(2013) Micro-Scale Complexity in Iron-Sulfide Phases in Precambrian Sedimentary Rocks Determined by Coupled Spectroscopic, Isotopic, and Magnetic Techniques
Webb S, Johnson J, Slotznick S, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2013) δ30Si in Early Archean Cherts and Implications for the Silica Cycle
Stefurak EJT, Fischer WW & Lowe DR

(2013) Evolution of Photosynthesis
Hemp J, Pace L, Johnson J & Fischer W

(2013) Manganese-Oxidizing Photosynthesis Before the Rise of Cyanobacteria
Johnson J, Webb S, Thomas K, Ono S, Kirschvink J & Fischer W

(2013) Carbon Isotope and Lipid Biomarker Stratigraphy from Organic-Rich Strata Through the Neoproterozoic Shuram Excursion in South Oman
Lee C, Fike D, Love G, Sessions A, Grotzinger J, Summons R & Fischer W

(2012) Stratigraphic Constraints on Critical Fluxes in the Phanerozoic Sulfur Cycle
Halevy I, Peters S & Fischer W

(2012) Archean 'Whiffs of Oxygen' go Poof!
Kirschvink J, Raub T & FIscher W

(2011) A Dynamic Archean Sulfur Cycle
Fischer W, Fike D, Guan Y, Eiler J, Kirschvink J & Raub T

(2011) The Geographic and Stratigraphic Record of Ordovician δ13Ccarb in Outcrops and the Subsurface of Anticosti Island, Canada
Fike D, Jones D & Fischer W

(2010) Fe-Redox, Aridification, and Acidic Surface Waters on Early Mars
Hurowitz J, Fischer W, Tosca N & Milliken R

(2010) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry as a Tool for Paleoceanography
Eiler J, Bergmann K, Bonifaci M, Eagle R, Finnegan S, Fischer W, Passey B, Stolper D & Tripati A

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