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All abstracts by Federico Lugli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Controlled Feeding Experiments of Rodents to Determine Intra-Population 87Sr/86Sr, δ88Sr and δ44Ca Variability of Hard and Soft Tissues
Weber M, Leichliter J, Lugli F, Jochum KP, Clauss M & Tütken T

(2019) Sr Isotope Incorporation in Soft Tissues and Enamel of Rodents – Controlled Feeding Experiments
Weber M, Leichliter J, Lugli F, Jochum KP, Clauss M & Tütken T

(2017) Melt-Rock Interaction at Mantle Conditions: Evidences from Finero Gabbroic Dykes
Giovanardi T, Cipriani A, Lugli F, Morishita T, Dallai L, Zanetti A & Mazzucchelli M

(2017) Strontium Isotope MC-ICP-MS Analysis of Hair Strands from Human Mummies: Transhumance Pastoralism of Early-Modern Individuals between Northern and Central Italy
Lugli F, Cipriani A, Tavaglione V, Traversari M & Benazzi S

(2016) In situ 87Sr/86Sr LA-MC-ICPMS on Biogenic Apatites: A Matrix-Matched Standard Correction Approach
Lugli F, Cipriani A, Mazzucchelli M, Sforna MC & Brunelli D

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