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All abstracts by Georgi Laukert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Nutrient Inputs, Utilization and Cycling in the Laptev Sea Constrained by Macronutrient Concentrations and Stable Silicon Isotopes
Laukert G, Grasse P, Novikhin A, Povazhny V, Doering K, Hölemann J, Janout M, Bauch D, Kassens H & Frank M

(2020) Congo River Influence on the Atlantic’s Rare Earth Element and Nd/Hf Isotope Distributions
Rahlf P, Laukert G, Hathorne EC & Frank M

(2019) Inconsistencies between Fram Strait Water Mass Budget Assessments Based on Radiogenic Neodymium Isotopes and Nutrients
Laukert G, Bauch D, Frank M, Hathorne EC, Dreyer J, Meulenbroek K, Schaffer J, Rabe B, Paffrath R, Pahnke K, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Meyer H & Graeve M

(2019) Water Mass Contributions to the Central Arctic – New Insights from Rare Earth Elements and Nd Isotopes
Paffrath R, Bauch D, Rutgers van der Loeff M, Laukert G & Pahnke K

(2019) Surface Water Changes during Transit from North Pole to Fram Strait
Rutgers van der Loeff M, Stimac I, Casacuberta N, Wefing A-M, Laukert G, Bauch D, Paffrath R, Provost C, Karcher M, Meyer H, Schaffer J, Rabe B, Graeve M & Ludwichowski K-U

(2018) Greenland-Sourced Freshwater Traced by Radiogenic Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements on the North-East Greenland Shelf
Laukert G, Dreyer J, Frank M, Hathorne EC & Meulenbroek K

(2017) Tracing the Origin of Arctic Sea Ice and Freshwater by Neodymium Isotopes and Rare Earth Elements
Laukert G, Frank M, Hathorne EC, Krumpen T, Werner K & Peeken I

(2016) Dissolved Nd Isotope and REE Distributions Trace Interannual Variability of Water Mass Mixing and Water-Sediment Interaction in the Laptev Sea
Laukert G, Frank M, Hathorne EC, Bauch D, Wegner C, Kassens H & Timokhov L

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