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All abstracts by Jin Liang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Geological Feature of Seafloor Polymetallic Sulfides at the Duanqiao Hydrothermal Field (Southwest Indian Ridge)
Yang W, Tao C, Liang J, Liao S, Liu J & Li W

(2020) Sulfide Mineralization is Induced by Shallow Intrusion on the Ultraslow-Spreading Southwest Indian Ridge: Sulfide Mineralogy and Geochemistry Evidence from the Longqi-3 Hydrothermal Field
Liao S, Tao C, Liang J, Yang W, Liu J & Li W

(2020) Morphology of Hydrothermal Deposits and its Implication for Evolution in the Longqi-1 Hydrothermal Field, Southwest Indian Ridge
Liang J, Tao C, Yang W, Liao S, Liu J, Liu Y, Zhang G & Cai W

(2019) The Ultra-Depleted MORB Glass in Southwest India Ocean Ridge
Liu J, Tao C, Li W, Liao S, Liang J & Yang W

(2018) Extremely High H2O/Ce Ratios of the Southwest Indian Ocean Ridge Basalts (46ºE-53ºE)
Liu J, Tao C, Liang J, Li W & Sun H

(2018) Hydrothermal Activity History of Duanqiao Hydrothermal Field, the Southwest Indian Ridge: Evidence from 230Th/238U Geochronology of Polymetallic Sulfides
Yang W, Tao C, Liang J & Liao S

(2017) Active and Relict Hydrothermal Mineralization at the Longqi-1 field,Southwest Indian Ridge
Liang J, Tao C, Yang W, Huang W, Li H & Liao S

(2017) Hydrothermal Activities Around 63-64°E, Southwest Indian Ridge
Tao C, Liang J, Li X, Yang Y, Li H, Liao S, Deng X, Zhang G & Zhou Y

(2016) Chemistry of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids from the Dragon Flag(Longqi-1) Field, SWIR
Tao C, William E. SJ, Liang J, Li X, Xiao X, Yu H, Ding K, Wu S & Cai W

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