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All abstracts by Stephanie Lasalle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Filling the Gap: A Prolonged History of Continental Crust Generation during the Siderian Magmatic Shutdown
Moreira H, Storey C, Fowler M, Gonçalves G), Seixas L & Lasalle S

(2017) Unravelling the Gold Source of a Witwatersrand-Type Deposit: Insights from Mineral Inclusions in Rutile
Pereira I, Storey C, Darling J & Lasalle S

(2016) A Rutile-Titanite Oxygen Istope and Trace Element Record of Subduction Fluids
Storey C, Page Z & Lasalle S

(2016) Small Volume U-Th-Pb Geochronology of Accessory Minerals by Laser Ablation Quadrupole ICP-MS
Lasalle S, Darling JR & Storey CD

(2016) Zircon from Continental and Oceanic Diorites: Why are They Different?
Pietranik A, Storey C, Lasalle S & Dhuime B

(2016) Zircon Composition at Different Stages of the Variscan Orogeny
Słodczyk E, Pietranik A, Storey C & Lasalle S

(2016) Direct Dating of Shear Zone Operation and Sulphide Mineralisation Using Titanite
Papapavlou K, Darling J, Storey C, Moser D, Lightfoot PC & Lasalle S

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