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All abstracts by David Fink in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) The Shredding of Environmental Signals by Australia’s River Systems Studied Using 26Al/10Be/14C Ratios in Sediment
Fulop R-H, Codilean AT, Wilcken KM, Smith A, Yang B & Fink D

(2019) Refinement of the Cosmogenic in situ C-14 Extraction Procedure
Fülöp R-H, Fink D, Tanner D, Codilean AT, White L, Yang B, Smith A, Levchenko V, White D & Dunai TJ

(2013) 10Be Derived Catchment Denudation Rates from the Garhwal Himalaya
Swander Z, Dosseto A, Fink D, May J-H & Korup O

(2012) Mobilization of Exchangeable Aluminum in Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)
Yvanes-Giuliani Y, Fink D, Rose J, Waite TD & Collins R

(2011) Chronology of Fluvial Incision in the Upper Ganges Inferred from in situ Cosmogenic Isotopes
Swander Z, Dosseto A, Fink D & Mifsud C

(2008) Eroding Australia: Slowly
Heimsath A, Chappell J, Hancock G, Fink D & Fifield K

(2006) Unravelling The Landscape Evolution Process Of Sedimentary Sand Sheets And Stony Deserts In Australia With In-Situ Cosmogenic Nuclide Depth Profiles.
Fink D

(2006) Ice Height Changes in Inland East Antarctica Determined from Cosmogenic Nuclide Measurements
Lilly K, Fabel D, Fink D & Lambeck K

(2006) Radiocarbon during the Younger Dryas from Tasmanian Huon pine
Hua Q, Barbetti M, Zoppi U & Fink D

(2006) Longer-term and contemporary denudation rates, and the role of extreme events along a passive margin, Australia
Humphreys G, Tomkins K, Wilkinson M, Fink D, Shakesby R, Doerr S, Walbrink P & Blake W

(2006) Coupled U-series and radiocarbon dating of a Chinese stalagmite from 15 to 33 ka: testing calibration applicability and dead carbon correction variability
Hodge E, Zhao J, Feng Y, Wu J, Fink D & Hua Q

(2002) Combining Low Temperature Apatite Thermochronology and Cosmogenic Isotope Analysis in Quantitative Landscape Evolution Studies
Brown R, Cockburn H, Kohn B, Belton D, Fink D & Gleadow A

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