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All abstracts by Fang-Bai Li in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Humic Substances Enhance Arsenic Reduction in Paddy Soil via Abiotic Reaction and Stimulating Functional Microbial Community
Qiao J-T, Li X-M, Li F-B & Huang W

(2018) Attribution of Soil Acidification in a Large-Scale Region: Artificial Intelligence Approach Application
Wang Q, Yu H, Liu J & Li F

(2018) Highly Stable Electron-Shuttling Processes Mediated by in situ Deposited Phenoxazin
Wu Y, Liu T & Li F

(2018) Functional Microbial Communities Involved in Nitrate Reduction and Fe(II) Oxidation Commonly Present in Different Paddy Soils
Li X, Chen P, Li S & Li F

(2018) Metagenomes Reveal Interplay of Microbes in Nitrate-Reducing As(III) and Fe(II) Oxidation in Anoxic Paddy Soil
Li S, Li F & Li X

(2018) Chemodenitrification: An Important Route to Emit Greenhouse Gas N2O Under Anoxic Conditions
Chen D, Liu T, Li F & Zhao W

(2018) The C-Type Cytochromes in Extra Polymer Substances Dominate Biological Cr(VI) Reduction
Luo X, Wu Y, Liu T, Li F & Chen D

(2018) Examining Extracellular Electron Transfer of Intact Cells via Monitoring Redox Dynamics of C-Cytochromes
Liu T, Wu Y & Li F

(2018) Contrasting Mg Isotopic Compositions between Fe-Mn Nodules and Surrounding Soils: Accumulation of Light Mg Isotopes by Mg-Depleted Clay Minerals and Fe Oxides
Gao T, Liu C, Li F, Liao C & Wu F

(2016) Microbial Fe(III) Reduciton Coupling Dechloriantion of Organochlorine Pesticides in Paddy Soil
Chen M, Liu C & Li F

(2016) Effects of Iron Speciation on Cadmium and Arsenic Availability in Paddy Soils
Yu H, Liu C, Li F & Huang W

(2016) The Contributions of Biotic and Abiotic Processes in a Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II) Oxidation System
Chen D, Li F, Liu T, Luo X & Li X

(2016) A Diffuse-Transmission Spectral Method for Quantifying Outer Membrane C-Type Cytochromes in Intact Cells
Luo X, Liu T, Li F & Chen D

(2016) Differential Uptakes of Fe, Zn and Cd by Hydroponically Grown Rice
Liu J, Song Z, Li F, Liu C, Huang W & Reinfelder J

(2016) Effect of Metal Cations on Fe(II)-induced Phase Transformation of Ferrihydrite
Liu C, Zhu Z & Li F

(2016) Structurally Stabilazation of Cd(II) and Cr(III) during Fe(II)-induced Phase Transformation of Al- Ferrihydrite
Wei Z, Liu C & Li F

(2016) In Vitro Fe(II) Oxidation by C-Type Cytochromes Under Anoxic Conditions
Wang Y, Liu T, Li X & Li F

(2016) The Influence of SiO32- on the Reductive Reactivity of Fe(II) Adsorbed onto ╬│-Al2O3
Tao L, Wu K & Li F

(2016) Acidovorax Ebreus LS-1, a Nitrate-Dependent Fe(II)-Oxidizer Isolated from Paddy Soil
Li S, Li X & Li F

(2016) Microaerophilic Iron-Oxidizing Microbial Community Coupling with Carbon Assimilation in Paddy Soil
Chen Y, Chen L, Li X, Li F & Liu T

(2016) The Redox Status of Outer-Membrane C-Type Cytochromes in a Cell Suspension of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Wu Y-D, Chen D-D, Liu T-X & Li F-B

(2016) Changes in Microbial Communities during Anaerobic Nitrate Reduction and Fe(II) Oxidation at Circumneutral pH in Paddy Soil
Li X, Liu T & Li F

(2016) The Diversity and Abundance of As(III) Oxidizers on Root Iron Plaque is Critical for Arsenic Bioavailability to Rice
Hu M & Li F

(2016) Effects of C-Type Cytochrome-Deleted Mutants of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 in the Iron Reduction: Kinetics and Characteration
Han R, Li F & Liu T

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