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All abstracts by Horst Marschall in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Character and Timing of Mantle Metasomatism in Orogenic Settings: Trace-Element Zonation and U-Pb Dating of Garnet
Kotkova J, Copjakova R, Millonig LJ, Marschall H & Gerdes A

(2023) U-Pb Dating of Metamorphic Ilmenite by LA-ICPMS
Beranoaguirre A, Millonig LJ, Albert R, Marschall H & Gerdes A

(2023) Garnet Reference Material for in situ U-Pb Dating
Millonig LJ, Beranoaguirre A, Albert R, Marschall H & Gerdes A

(2023) Tracing the Emergence of Continental Crust in the Archean-To-Proterozoic Using Boron Isotopes of Marine Deposits (Cherts and Iron Formations)
Abbo A, Marschall H & Gerdes A

(2023) Stable Isotope Fractionation in High-Grade Metamorphic and Magmatic Systems
Marschall H

(2023) Timescales of Oceanic Lithosphere Hydration: Constraints from Rodingites, Apennines, Italy
Lorthioir C, Scambelluri M, Belmonte D, Millonig LJ, Gerdes A, Marschall H, Starr PG & Baxter EF

(2023) Unraveling the Molybdenum (Mo) Cycle at the Subduction Interface: A Case Study from the Ligurian Alps
Brown A, Codillo E, Scambelluri M, Schwarzenbach EM, Rojas Kolomiets E, Bizimis M, Marschall H & Dragovic B

(2023) Split Stream Bulk-Rock Elemental and Boron Isotopes Analysis by LA-Sf-ICPMS
Xu J, Gerdes A, Schmidt A & Marschall H

(2023) A Single Web-Interface to Access, Visualise and Model Data from Multiple Geo- and Cosmochemical Databases
Hezel DC, Elangovan P, Lehnert KA, Klöcking M, Sturm A & Marschall H

(2023) Oxidized Slab Fluids Recorded by Sulfur-in-Apatite: A Case Study from Syros, Greece
Walters JB, Marschall H, Grützner T, Klimm K, Konecke B & Simon A

(2021) Fluid-Mediated Mass Transfer between Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks in Subduction Zones: Insights from the High-Pressure Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy)
Codillo EA, Klein F, Dragovic B, Marschall H, Baxter E & Scambelluri M

(2021) Experimental Constraints on the Physical Properties of Melange Rocks and their Relationship to Arc Magmas
Le Roux V, Codillo EA, Behn M, Marschall H & Bebout GE

(2021) Pushing the Limits: U-Pb Dating of Garnet by LA-MC-ICPMS at Sub-Ng/G U Levels
Beranoaguirre A, Millonig LJ, Shu Q, Albert R, Marschall H, Gil Ibarguchi JI & Gerdes A

(2021) Garnet U-Pb Dating by LA-ICP-MS: Regional Metamorphic Garnet vs. Skarn Garnet
Millonig LJ, Beranoaguirre A, Albert R, Marschall H & Gerdes A

(2020) Sulfur Isotopes in Sulfides from Lesser Antilles Arc Cumulates
Pollock T, Cruz-Uribe A, Marschall H & Blundy J

(2019) Thallium Isotopic Constrains on Generation of EMII and HIMU Ocean Island Basalts in the South Pacific
Blusztajn J, Nielsen S, Marschall H & Shu Y

(2019) Reaction of Subducted Sediment with Peridotite Produces Saline Fluid Inclusions in Diamonds
Forster M, Foley S, Marschall H, Alard O & Buhre S

(2019) Mass Transfer between Crustal and Mantle Rocks in Subduction Zones: Insights from the High-Pressure Voltri Massif (Ligurian Alps, Italy)
Codillo E, Klein F, Marschall H, Dragovic B & Scambelluri M

(2019) Thallium Isotope Compositions of Subducted Eclogites: Constrains on the Origin of Ocean Island Basalts
Shu Y, Nielsen S, Marschall H, John T, Blusztajn J & Auro M

(2019) Variable Sulfur Release Predicted for Hot and Cold Subducting Slabs
Walters J, Cruz-Uribe A & Marschall H

(2018) H Partitioning between Olivine and Melt between 0.1MPa and 12 GPa
Sarafian A, Nielsen S, Hauri E, Marschall H & Sarafian E

(2018) Sulfide Geochemistry of Cumulates from the Lesser Antilles Arc
Pollock T, Cruz-Uribe A, Marschall H & Blundy J

(2018) Mobilization of S during Subduction via Metamorphic Redox Reactions
Cruz-Uribe A, Walters J & Marschall H

(2018) CSEs in High Pressure Rocks from Exhumed Terranes
Walters J, Cruz-Uribe A & Marschall H

(2018) Generation of Arc-Like Magmas by Mélange-Peridotite Interaction in the Mantle Wedge
Codillo E, Le Roux V & Marschall H

(2018) Isotopically Heavy Boron in the Source of Ocean Island Basalts
Marschall H & Jackson M

(2016) How Continents Form: Insight from Pb Isotopes Measured on K-Feldspar Inclusions within Zircons
Delavault H, Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C, Cawood P, Marschall H &  EIMF

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