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All abstracts by Keith Fifield in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Transport and Accumulation of Stable Metals and Radionuclides in Loch Etive and Anglesey
Al-Qasmi H, Law G, Fifield K, Bryan N & Livens F

(2013) Testing Accuracy of Combined Zircon (238U/230Th) and (U-Th)/He Dating Against Radiocarbon Dating
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K, Lindsay J & Alloway B

(2012) High 36Cl/Cl Ratios and non Reactive Transport in Chernobyl Groundwaters
Roux C, Le Gal La Salle C, Simonucci C, Bassot S, Bourles D, Fifield K, Van Meir N, De Windt L, Bugai D & Lancelot J

(2012) Testing Efficacy of Zircon (238U/230Th) + (U-Th)/He and Radiocarbon Dating Methods on the New Zealand Late Quaternary Tephras
Danisik M, Shane P, Schmitt A, Hogg A, Santos G, Evans N, Storm S, Fifield K & Lindsay J

(2011) Identification of Geochemical Processes in Groundwater at the Chernobyl Pilot Site and Preliminary Contamination Characterization with 36Cl/Cl Ratios
Roux C, Le Gal La Salle C, Simonucci C, Bassot S, Michelot J-L, Fifield K, Van Meir N, Bugaï D & Lancelot J

(2009) 10Be and 36Cl Interlaboratory Comparisons: Implications for Terrestrial Production Rates?
Merchel S, Bremser W, Alfimov V, Arnold M, Aumaître G, Benedetti L, Bourlès DL, Braucher R, Caffee M, Christl M, Fifield LK, Finkel RC, Freeman SPHT, Ruiz-Gomez A, Kubik PW, Rood DH, Sasa K, Steier P, Tims SG, Wallner A, Wilcken KM & Xu S

(2009) Constraining the 36Cl/Cl Ratio of Seawater and its Sources
Argento D, Stone J, Fifield K & Tims S

(2009) Cosmogenic Nuclide Production Rates from Ancient Antarctic Surfaces
Stone J, Fifield K, Finkel R, Rood D, Balco G & Shuster D

(2008) Eroding Australia: Slowly
Heimsath A, Chappell J, Hancock G, Fink D & Fifield K

(2006) Aluminium-26 measurements with beryllium-10 counting statistics
Fifield K, Tims S, Gladkis L, Morton C & Barrows T

(2006) The Development of AMS Measurements of Manganese-53 for Erosion Rate Studies
Morton C, Fifield K, Gladkis L, Barrows T & Tims S

(2006) Mg/Ca, Stable Isotopes and an Important paleo-Salintiy Record from the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool
Opdyke B, Edwards J, Bostock H, Lea D, Spero H, Gagan M & Fifield K

(2006) High resolution Cl- and 36Cl profiles: Physiochemical mechanisms in the unsaturated zone
Lenahan M, Kirste D, Creswell R, Mcphail DC & Fifeld LK

(2005) Inter-Comparison in <+>10<$>Be Analysis Starting from Pre-Purified Quartz
Schnabel C, Reinhardt L, Bishop P, Davidson A, Fifield LK, Freeman S, Maden C & Xu S

(2003) Evaluation of Nucleogenic Component in Cosmogenic 21Ne Surface Exposure Dating
Fujioka T, Honda M, Chappell J, Fifield K, Fabel D & Nishiizumi K

(2002) Calibration of the Production Rate of 36Cl from Potassium
Fifield K, Evans J & Stone J

(2000) Last Ice Age Millennial Scale Climate Changes Recorded in Huon Peninsula Corals
Yokoyama Y, Esat T, Lambeck K & Fifield K

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