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All abstracts by Koichi Mimura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Pressure-Induced Oligomerization of Alanine at Room Temperature
Kagi H, Oda S, Fujimoto C & Mimura K

(2019) Thermal History of Insoluble Organic Matter from Allende Meteorite Revealed by Pyrolyses
Mimura K & Okumura F

(2018) Amplification of Enantiomeric Excess in the Polymerization Induced by Shock Compression of L-Alanine Aqueous Solution
Mimura K, Okada R & Nishida T

(2017) Racemization of L-Alanine by Impact Shock
Mimura K, Okada R & Nishida T

(2016) Collaborative Education on "Geochemical Experiment" and "Geological Survey" for Undergraduate Students in Earth Science Department
Asahara Y, Mimura K, Minami M & Yamamoto K

(2016) Oligopeptide Formation of Alanine Under High Pressure at 25℃
Fujimoto C, Shinozaki A, Mimura K, Nishida T, Gotou H, Komatsu K & Kagi H

(2016) Millenial- to Orbital-Scale Paleoclimatic Changes in the Mid-Cretaceous from Mongolian Lacustrine Records
Hasegawa H, Yamamoto K, Mimura K, Ando H & Ichinnorov N

(2016) Influence of Pressure on Chemical Reaction of Napltahene
Shinozaki A, Mimura K, Nishida T, Inoue T & Kagi H

(2016) Shock Reaction of Benzene up to 28.5GPa – Statistical Approach
Nishida T, Mimura K & Morimoto H

(2016) Shock Reaction of Benzene up to 28.5 GPa –Experimental Approach
Mimura K & Nishida T

(2016) Coastal Hydrothermal Field was Hot Spot for Biotic Diversity on the Paleoarchean Earth
Sugitani K, Mimura K, Takeuchi M, Yamaguchi T, Suzuki K, Senda R, Asahara Y, Wallis S & Van Kranendonk M

(2016) Behavior of Organic Compounds in Black Shale Heated by Igneous Intrusion
Kitaoka G, Nishida T, Morimoto H & Mimura K

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