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All abstracts by Matthew Fields in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Enhancement of Acetoclastic Methanogenesis during in situ Biostimulation of Coalbed Methane Generation
Barnhart E, Smith H, Schweitzer H, Mueller R, Orem W, Varonka M, Ruppert L, Clark A, Crockett Z & Fields M

(2019) Large Scale-Analysis of Constraints on Microbial Community Assembly, Activity, and Dispersal in a Contaminated Subsurface Aquifer
Lui L, Smith H, von Netzer F, de Leon K, Majumder E, Moon J-W, Nielsen T, Poole F, Kosina S, Ning D, Paradis C, Stahl D, Wall J, Northen T, Adams M, Zhou J, Hazen T, Fields M, Adams P & Arkin A

(2017) Enhanced Microbial Natural Gas Generation from Coalbeds, An Overview
Orem W, Barnhart E, Fields M, Ruppert L, Malik A & Jones E

(2017) Deuterium as a Quantitative Tracer of Enhanced Microbial Coalbed Methane Production
Ashley K, Davis K, Martini A, Fields M & McIntosh J

(2014) Reproducibility of a Groundwater Microbial Community in Replicate Bioreactors
Bailey K, Hurt R, Robeson M, Chowdhury T, Zelaya A, Fields M, Arkin A, Hazen T, Zhou J, Phelps T, Adams M & Elias D

(2012) Characterization of Microbial Communities Associated with Powder River Basin Coals, United States
Fields M, Barnhart E, Wheaton J & Cunningham A

(2010) Electronic and Biogeochemical Properties of Bacterial Nanowires
Gorby Y, Wanger G, Yuzvisnki T, Fields M & El-Naggar M

(2010) Can Direct Extracellular Electron Transfer Occur in the Absence of Outer Membrane Cytochromes in Desulfovibrio vulgaris?
Elias D, Zane G, Auer M, Fields M, Wall J & Gorby Y

(2002) Isolation of an Alkaliphilic Metal-Reducing Bacterium from a Saline Pond Containing High Concentrations of Boron
Ye Q, Fields M, Zhou J, Roh Y, Phelps T & Zhang C

(2000) Apatite Reactivity in the Presence of Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Uranium
Valsami-Jones E, Fields M & Ragnarsdottir KV

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