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All abstracts by Adrian Fiege in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Tracking Sulfur Behavior and fO2 Evolution in the 1257 CE Samalas Magma Reservoir (Indonesia)
Ding S, Longpré M-A, Economos R, Fiege A, Vidal C & Pratomo I

(2018) Sulfur XANES Investigation of Upper Mantle Metasomatic Apatite
Tassara S, Reich M, Konecke B, González Jiménez J-M, Fiege A, Simon A, Morata D & Barra F

(2018) A New S-in-Apatite Oxybarometer for Magmatic Systems
Konecke B, Fiege A & Simon A

(2017) A Model for Decompression-Induced Bubble Formation and Growth in Volatile-Undersaturated Melts
Cichy SB & Fiege A

(2017) Sulfate (S6+), Sulfite (S4+), and Sulfide (S2-) Partitioning into Apatite: Its Potential and Limitations
Fiege A, Konecke B, Kim Y, Simon A, Parat F & Becker U

(2017) Formation of Kiruna-Type Deposits – Testing a Novel Model
Knipping JL, Simon AC, Reich M, Fiege A, Deditius AP, Webster JD, Bilenker L, Barra F, Holtz F & Oeser-Rabe M

(2016) Experimental Studies on Degassing of Sulfur-Bearing Andesite and Basalt
Fiege A, Behrens H & Holtz F

(2015) Redox Evolution during Magma-Mixing: Implications for Cu/Au Ratios of Porphyry Deposits
Fiege A, Simon A & Ruprecht P

(2015) The Roles of Decompression Rate and Volatiles (H2O+Cl±CO2±S) on Crystallization in Basaltic Magma
Fiege A, Vetere F, Iezzi G, Simon A & Holtz F

(2015) Tracing Redox at Depth Using Apatite?
Konecke B, Fiege A & Simon A

(2014) Experimental Constraints on Sulfur Transfer during Magma Mixing
Fiege A, Simon A & Ruprecht P

(2014) The Effect of Melt Composition on Bubble Nucleation
Fiege A, Holtz F, Cichy S & Simon A

(2014) Sulfur and Chalcophile Metal Mobility during Magma Mixing
Simon A, Fiege A & Ruprecht P

(2011) Progress in Understanding of Sulfur in Subduction Zone Magmas
Mandeville C, Shimizu N, Kelley K, Metrich N & Fiege A

(2011) Partitioning of S(-Cl) and S-Isotopes between Fluid and Andesitic Melt
Fiege A, Behrens H, Mandeville C & Shimizu N

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