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All abstracts by Desmond Moser in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Quantitative Microstructural Analysis of Olivine and Ringwoodite
Tait K, White L, Darling J, Kizovski T, Dunlop J & Moser D

(2018) Unravelling Chronological Complexities in Lunar Materials with Baddeleyite (ZrO2)
Tait K, White L, Moser D & Darling J

(2018) TEM Analyses of Novel Lunar Zircon Shock Microstructures
Crow C, Han J, Keller L & Moser D

(2018) Measuring Stable O-Isotopes by Atom Probe Tomography: New Insights from ~100 Mineral Analyses
White L, Langelier B, Moser D, Darling J & Tait K

(2018) Mineralogy and Shock Effects in Martian Breccia NWA 8171 by microXRD and Raman Spectroscopy
Cao F, Flemming R, Moser D, Barker I & Song Y

(2018) The Shocking State of Ca-Phosphates in Martian Meteorites
Darling J, Tait K, White L, Moser D, Kizovski T, Černok A & Dunlop J

(2018) Nanoscale Horizons in Apatite Geochemistry
Tait K, White L, Cernok A, Darling J & Moser D

(2017) Lunar Zircons: Probing the Moon's Early History
Crow C, McKeegan K & Moser D

(2016) Shocked Baddeleyite as a New Tool for Lunar Chronology
Darling J, Moser D, Tait K, Chamberlain K, Schmitt A & White L

(2016) Zircon Microstructural and Chemical Responses to Deformation
Jones G, Moser D & Shieh S

(2016) Micron-Scale Oxygen Isotope Zoning in Metabasalt Zircon: A Robust History of Crustal Fluid Flow during Crustal Growth
Bowman J, Hilber M, Moser D, Valley J, Mazdab F & Wooden J

(2016) Atom Probe Tomography of Martian Zircon and Baddeleyite Reveals a 4.4 Billion Year Record of Cool, Stable and Hydrothermally Altered Crust
Moser D, Reinhard D, Lawrence D, Prosa T, Larson D, Clifton P, Olson D, Price K, Chen Y & Irving A

(2016) U-Pb Dating of Zircon Shock Microstructures with NanoSIMS
Crow C, Jacobsen B, Moser D & McKeegan K

(2016) Combining Microstructural and Isotopic Analysis of Baddeleyite to Unravel Solar System Bombardment
White L, Darling J, Moser D, Reinhard D, Horstwood M, Bullen D, Barker I, Prosa T, Olson D, Larson D, Clifton P, Lawrence D & Martin I

(2016) Direct Dating of Shear Zone Operation and Sulphide Mineralisation Using Titanite
Papapavlou K, Darling J, Storey C, Moser D, Lightfoot PC & Lasalle S

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