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All abstracts by Valderez Pinto Ferreira in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Hg Chemostratigraphy and Hg Isotopes from Sections Straddling the KTB in Europe, India and South America
Sial AN, Jiubin C, Lacerda LD, Tewari VC, Pandit MK, Gaucher C, Frei R, Cirilli S, Ferreira VP, Peralta S, Barbosa JA & Pereira NS

(2015) Reworked Old Crust-Derived Shoshonitic Magma: An Example from Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Pimentel M, Armstrong R, Guimarães I, da Silva Filho A, Lima M & da SIlva T

(2015) Chromium-Isotope Signatures in Corals from the Rocas Atoll, Tropical South Atlantic
Pereira NS, Voegelin A, Paulukat C, Sial AN, Ferreira VP & Frei R

(2014) Algoma-Type Neoproterozoic BIFs and Related Marbles in the Seridó Belt (NE Brazil): REE, C, O, Cr and Sr Isotope Evidence
Sial AN, Campos MS, Gaucher C, Frei R, Ferreira VP, Nascimento RC, Pimentel MM & Pereira NS

(2014) C-, Hg-Stratigraphies, Hg Isotopes and Volcanic Activity during Extreme Environmental Turnover: The Cretaceous-Paleogene Transition in Italy, Denmark and Argentina
Sial AN, Chen J, Lacerda LD, Peralta S, Gaucher C, Frei R, Cirilli S, Barbosa AJ, Ferreira VP & Pereira NS

(2014) High δ18O Oceanic Crust-Derived Diorites in the High-K Quartz Monzonite Tavares Batholith, Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Valley J, Sial A, Pessoa R & Spicuzza M

(2013) Hg as a Proxy for Volcanic Activity during Extreme Environmental Turnover: The K-T Boundary
Sial AN, Lacerda LD, Ferreira VP, Frei R, Marquillas RA, Barbosa JA, Gaucher C, Windmöller CC & Pereira NS

(2013) C-, Cr-, Sr-Isotope Stratigraphies and Rare-Earth Elements in Carbonate and BIFs of the Neoproterozoic Jucurutu Formation, Seridó Belt, NE Brazil
Campos MS, Sial AN, Gaucher C, Frei R, Ferreira VP, Nascimento RSC, Pimentel MM & Pereira NS

(2012) The Early Paleozoic of the Argentine Precordillera: C-Isotope Excursions
Sial A, Peralta S, Gaucher C, Toselli A, Ferreira V, Frei R & Pimentel M

(2012) C and Sr-Isotope Stratigraphy, Ce and Eu Anomalies in Neoproterozoic Carbonates the Serra do Paraiso (Rio Pardo Basin) and Sao Desiderio (Rio Preto Belt) Formations, Bahia, Brazil
Cezario WDS, Sial A, Ferreira VP, Lacerda LD, Pimentel MM, Misi A & Pedreira AJ

(2012) Mercury as a Proxy for Volcanogenic CO2 Buildup in Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth and Volcanism in the K-T Transition
Ferreira V, Sial A, Lacerda LD, Frei R, Gaucher C & Marquillas R

(2011) Highly Felsic Peraluminous Granitoids in the Borborema Province, Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Parada M & Toselli A

(2011) Mercury Stratigraphy: A Proxy for Volcanogenic CO2 Buildup in Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth and Volcanism in the K-T Transition
Sial A, Lacerda L, Gaucher C, Ferreira V, Chiglino L, Campos M, Nascimento-Silva V & Cezario W

(2011) C, Sr Isotopes in Cap Carbonate and and Ce Anomaly in BIFs of Jucurutu Formation, Seridó Belt, NE, Brazil
Campos M, Sial A, Gaucher C, Ferreira V, Frei R, Nascimento R & Pimentel M

(2010) C, Sr Isotopes, Cap Carbonates and Iron Formation, Neoproterozoic Seridó Belt, NE Brazil
Sial AN, Gaucher C, Ferreira VP, Campos MS, Nascimento RSC & Pimentel MM

(2010) Contrasting Sources of Magmatic Epidote-Bearing Monzodiorites and Tonalites, NE Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Pimentel M, Armstrong R, Spicuzza M, Guimarães I & Da Silva Filho A

(2009) C, O and Sr-Isotope Stratigraphy of Neoproterozoic Amphibolite-Facies Cap Carbonates, NE Brazil
Sial A, Nascimento R, Gaucher C, Ferreira V, Pimentel M & Silva Jr. N

(2009) SPICE-SNICE Couplet in One Same Section, Precordillera of Argentina: C and Sr-Isotope Stratigraphies
Ferreira V, Sial A, Peralta S, Gaucher C, Toselli A, Parada MA & Pimentel M

(2009) C and O-Isotope Stratigraphy of Carbonates at the K-T Boundary of the Paraíba Basin, NE Brazil
Nascimento-Silva V, Sial A, Neumann V, Brabosa A & Ferreira V

(2008) C-Isotope Variability in the Delhi Supergroup, NW India: Implications for Meso-Neoproterozoic Transition
Maheshwari A, Sial AN & Ferreira VP

(2002) C Isotopes in Early Paleoproterozoic Carbonate Rocks from the Minas Supergroup, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Sial AN, Ferreira VP, Romano AW & Pimentel MM

(2001) Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Two Contrasting Magmatic Epidote-Bearing Granitoids from Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira VP, Valley JW, Sial AN & Spicuzza MJ

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