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All abstracts by Lurdes Fernandez-Diaz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Experimental Long Term Diagenetic Alteration of Aragonitic Biocarbonates
Forjanes P, Simonet-Roda M, Greiner M, Griesshaber E, Astilleros JM, Schmahl W & Fernández-Díaz L

(2021) Kinetic of the Replacement Reaction of Anhydrite by Calcium Phosphates
Roza Llera A, Jimenez A & Fernández-Díaz L

(2020) The Replacement of Gypsum by Barite and Celestite
Forjanes P, Astilleros JM & Fernández-Díaz L

(2019) The Formation of Celestite Through the Replacement of Calcium Sulphates
Forjanes P, Astilleros JM & Fernández-Díaz L

(2019) Interaction of Dissolved Lead with Calcite and Gypsum at Acidic Conditions
Roza A, Fernández-Díaz L & Jiménez A

(2017) (Ca, Sr)CO3 Precipitation after the Interaction of Calcite with Sr-Rich Aqueous Solutions
Forjanes P, Astilleros JM & Fernandez-Diaz L

(2015) Chromium Isotope Fractionation during Coprecipitation with Calcium Carbonate
Rodler A, Sánchez-Pastor N, Fernández-Díaz L & Frei R

(2015) The Effect of Mg on the Caracteristics of Calcite Crystal Aggregates Grown in Biomimetic Gelatin Hydrogel Systems
Nindiyasari F, Griesshaber E, Fernández-Díaz L, Astileros JM, Sánchez-Pastor N, Ziegler A & Schmahl WW

(2013) Raman Spectrocopy Evidence for the ikaite-Calcite/Vaterite Transformation
Sánchez-Pastor N, Oehlerich M, Astilleros JM, Kaliwoda M, Mayr C, Schmahl WW & Fernández-Díaz L

(2013) Are the Anhydrite and Gypsum Carbonatation Pathways the Same?
Roncal-Herrero T, Bots P, Rodríguez-Blanco JD, Astilleros JM, Prieto M, Benning L & Fernández-Díaz L

(2013) Influence of Gelatin Hydrogel Porosity on the Formation of Calcite Mesocrystals
Nindiyasary F, Fernández-Díaz L, Griesshaber E, Astilleros JM, Sánchez-Pastor N & Schmahl WW

(2013) Characterization of CaCO3 Poly-Morphs Grown in Silica Hydrogel in the Presence SO42- or CrO4<sup>2-</sup> by XAS
Astilleros JM, Göttlicher J, Sánchez-Pastor N, Steiniger R & Fernández-Díaz ML

(2011) Macroscopic Anhydrite Interacted with Pb-Doped Solutions
Morales J, Astilleros JM, Jimenez A & Fernández-Díaz L

(2011) An Experimental Study on the Role of the Tetrahedral SO42-, CrO42- and SeO42- Anions in the CaCO3 Polymorphism
Fernández-González Á, Fernández-Díaz L, Sánchez-Pastor N & Prieto-Rubio M

(2009) On the Interaction between Gypsum and Carbonate-Bearing Aqueous Solutions: Implications for the Polymorphism of CaCO3
Fernandez-Diaz L, Fernandez-Gonzalez A, Carneiro J & Prieto M

(2009) Nanoscale Study of the Growth of (010) Gypsum Surface in the Presence of Cr(VI)
Morales J, Fernandez-Diaz L & Astilleros JM

(2009) On the Growth of Calcium Carbonate in the Presence of Cr(VI)
Cruz J, Fernandez-Diaz L & Sanchez-Pastor N

(2007) Interaction of Gypsum with Pb Bearing Aqueous Solutions
Astilleros JM, Rodriguez Blanco JD, Godelitsas A, Fernández Díaz L & Prieto M

(2007) The Replacement of Gypsum by CaCO3 Polymorphs: Reaction Steps and Formation of Pseudomorphs
Fernandez-Diaz L, Pina C, Astilleros JM & Sanchez-Pastor N

(2007) Growth of Calcium Carbonates in Gels in the Presence of Organic and Inorganic Additives
Merkel C, Jordan G, Pina C, Fernandez-Diaz L & Schmahl W

(2007) Interaction between Barite and Celestite Cleavage Surfaces and Carbonate Bearing Aqueous Solutions
Sanchez-Pastor N, Pina C & Fernandez-Diaz L

(2007) AFM Observations of Dissolution and Growth on Anhydrite (100), (010) and (001) Cleavage Faces
Pina C & Fernandez-Diaz L

(2006) In situ AFM observations of mineral replacement reactions on sulphate and carbonate surfaces
Pina CM, Sánchez-Pastor N, Fernández-Díaz L, Pérez-Garrido C & Prieto M

(2000) Epitaxial Growth of Gypsum on Anhydrite: In situ AFM Observations and Computer Calculations
Pina CM, Becker U & Fernández-Díaz L

(2000) The Crystallisation of (Ca, Sr)CO3 on Calcite {10-14}surfaces: An AFM Study
Astilleros JM, Pina CM, Fernández-Díaz L & Putnis A

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