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All abstracts by Daniel Stockli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Amphibole Fractional Crystallization in the Lower Crust: Implications for Nb-Ta Fractionation in the Continental Crust
Galster F, Chatterjee RN & Stockli DF

(2018) Perspectives on Crustal Evolution from Zircon Geochemistry throughout Earth History
McKenzie R, Smye A, Liu H & Stockli D

(2018) Peak Pressure-Temperature Conditions and Timing of Subduction of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit on Syros, Greece
Kotowski A, Behr W, Ashley K, Mixon E, Stockli D & Bodnar B

(2018) Spinel (U-Th)/He Chronometry: A Novel Approach to Date Mantle Exhumation
Cooperdock E & Stockli D

(2018) Helium Diffusion Kinetics of Shocked Zircons from the Chicxulub Impact Crater
Ross C, Stockli D, Gulick S & Rasmussen C

(2018) Thermal History Recovery from Zircon 4He/3He Thermochronometry
Brennan C, Stockli D & Patterson D

(2016) Tracking the Long-Term Carbon Cycle in Earth History: Himalayan Anecdotes
McKenzie R, Planavsky N, Colleps C, Stockli D, Singh B, Kalderon-Asael B & Reinhard C

(2016) U-Pb Geochronology of Grossular-Andradite Garnet
Seman S, Stockli D & McLean N

(2016) U-Pb Laser Ablation Dating of Skarn Garnet: A Case-Study of Jurassic Skarns from the Sierra Nevada, California, USA
Gevedon M, Seman S, Barnes J, Lackey JS & Stockli D

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