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All abstracts by Bruce Schaefer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Geochemistry of Ultramafic-Mafic Suits of Waziristan Ophiolite Complex (Woc): Implication for Petrogenesis and Tectonic Setting
Jalil R, Alard O, Schaefer B, Ali L & Sajid M

(2022) Evidence for Highly Unradiogenic 187Os/188Os in the Source of Intraplate Volcanism
Hoernle K, Schaefer B, Portnyagin MV, Turner S, Nelson WR & Müller RD

(2021) Elemental and Isotopic Insights into Volatility Processes from Studies of Tektites
Creech J, Turner S, Schaefer B & Haines P

(2020) High Precision N-TIMS Os Isotopic Measurement on Low Abundance Materials Using 10 13 ohm Resistors
Schaefer B, Wieland P, Bezard R & Turner S

(2020) Ba Isotope Study on Arc Lavas and Mantle Peridotites with the Application of 1013 ohm Resistor
Wu F, Schaefer B, Alard O & Turner S

(2020) An Andesitic Source for Jack Hills Zircon Argues for a Hadean Onset of Plate Tectonics
Turner S, Wilde S, Worner G, Schaefer B & Lai Y-J

(2020) Tectonic Implications of Cambrian Boninite Production in the Gondwanan Margin
Foden J, Schaefer B & Jenner G

(2018) Subduction Initiation in the Aleutian Arc System
Bezard R, Hoernle K, Hauff F, Portnyagin M, Werner R, Yogodzinski G, Jicha B, Garbe-Schönberg D, Turner S & Schaefer B

(2016) Deep Mantle Heterogeneity Recorded in the OJ Nui Plume Head
Schaefer B, Hoernle K, Parkinson I, Golowin R, Portnyagin M, Turner S & Werner R

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