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All abstracts by Christopher Spencer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Petrogenesis of a New Type of Subduction Zone Granitoid from the Samail Ophiolite
Angelo T, Spencer C, Cavosie AJ, Thomas R & Li H

(2022) Global-Scale Emergence of Continental Crust during Mesoarchean – Early Neoarchean
Wang W, Cawood PA, Spencer C, Pandit MK, Zhao J-H, Xia X-P, Zheng J & Lu G

(2022) My Rhyacian Obsession: State Shifts in Magmatism, Metamorphism, and Tectonics
Spencer C

(2022) Coevolution of the Sedimentary and Granite Phosphorus Records
Bucholz CE, Liebmann J & Spencer C

(2022) Secular Changes in Sedimentary Geochemistry Across the Archean–Proterozoic (2.5-2.2 Ga) Boundary
Seraine M & Spencer C

(2021) There is no I in Geology Podcast Network
Barrote V, Ware B, Spencer C, Volante S, Miozzi F, Moore M, Liebmann J & Lin N

(2018) Cascading State Shifts in the Paleoproterozoic Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Lithosphere
Spencer C, Partin C, Kirkland C, Raub T & Liebmann J

(2018) Zircon Evidence for Eclogite Facies Metamorphism at 3.9 Ga
Cavosie AJ, Spencer C, Evans NJ, McDonald B, Reddy SM, Wilde SA, Talavera C, Cameron EM, Valley JW, Fournelle J & Ushikubo T

(2018) Are Earth’s Oldest Felsic Rocks Impact Melts?
Johnson T, Gardiner N, Miljković K, Spencer C, Kirkland C, Bland P & Smithies H

(2018) Did Earth’s First Supercontinent Form the Inner Core?
Mitchell R, Cox G, O'Rourke J, Li Z-X, Spencer C, Kirscher U, Zhang N, Murphy JB, Nordsvan A & Asimow P

(2018) Using Data-Driven Methods to Target Science Communication in Developing Nations
Spencer C

(2017) Geodynamics and Geochemistry of Arc Mobility: The Apparent Advance and Retreat of Cordilleran Arc Systems
Spencer C, Mitchell R, Collins B & Murphy B

(2017) Evaluation of Full-Plate Reconstructions of the Neoproterozoic Using Hf Isotopes in Zircon
Martin E, Collins W, Collins A & Spencer C

(2017) Harmonic Hierarchy of Mantle Convective Cycles: Time Series Analysis of Hafnium Isotopes of Zircon
Mitchell R, Collins W, Kirscher U, Spencer C, He X-F, Li Z-X & Murphy B

(2016) Sediment Melt and the Highest Recorded δ18O in sub-Moho Granitoids of the Oman-UAE Ophiolite
Spencer CJ, Raub TD, Cavosie AJ, Miller JD, Rollinson H & Jeon H

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