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All abstracts by Elizabeth Swanner in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Could Negative Carbonate Carbon Isotope Excursions be a Primary Signal in Ferruginous Environments?
Wittkop C, Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Grengs A & Katsev S

(2019) Contribution of Fe(II)-oxidizing Bacteria to Carbon Fixation and Arsenic Immobilization in Paddy Soil
Tong H, Liu C, Swanner E, Chen M, Li F & Liu Y

(2018) Uranium Isotope Fractionation Factors in Ferruginous Settings
Cole D, Longley M, Wilkes D, Wang X, Swanner E, Witkop C, Sperling E & Planavsky N

(2018) Fate of Cobalt and Nickel during Diagenetic Pyrite Formation
Swanner E, Webb S & Kappler A

(2018) Two Ferruginous Midwestern Lakes Exhibit Vastly Different Fluxes of Methane
Lambrecht N, Wittkop C, Katsev S, Fakraee M & Swanner E

(2018) Dissolved Iron as a Driving Factor of Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Blooms
Leung T & Swanner E

(2018) Manganese Carbonates Linked to Methane Oxidation in Ferruginous Environments
Wittkop C, Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Grengs A, Myrbo A & Katsev S

(2018) Microbes and Minerals from Two Ferruginous Lakes on a Spectrum of Physical and Chemical Characteristics
Swanner E, Lambrecht N, Fakhraee M, Sheik C, Katsev S & Wittkop C

(2016) Iron Speciation and Iron Isotopes of Neoarchean Ca-Mg Carbonates
Eroglu S, Swanner E, Pascarelli S, Schoenberg R, Taubald H & Beukes N

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