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(2020) In situ Detection of Nitrogen-Bearing Organics in Noachian Martian Carbonates: Implication for Nitrogen-Cycle on Early Mars

Koike M, Nakada R, Kajitani I, Usui T, Tamenori Y, Sugahara H & Kobayashi A


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01c: Plenary Hall, Thursday 25th June 06:00 - 06:03

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Submitted by My Riebe on Sunday 21st June 07:56
Are you planning to use your new carbonate extraction technique to re-analyse them for PAHs and amino acids? Would this give better constraints on whether these are contamination or not?
Yes, as next step, we are planning to determine their detailed chemistry, as well as 15N/14N-isotopes by destructive analyses. With our N-XANES method, it is difficult to determine which organic molecules are in these carbonates, as this analysis simply reveals chemical surrounding the nitrogen atom (N-bearing bonding state). Instead, we can use these extracted carbonates for other destructive analyses to identify PAHs and/or amino acids, although evaluation of the possible contamination may be still difficult.

Submitted by Aki Takigawa on Thursday 25th June 02:31
What conditions are required to preserve organics for >4 Ga on Mars? Could you constrain the place or environment where ALH 84001 came from?

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