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(2020) An Integrated O2-Hf-U/Pb Isotope Study of Zircon on Crustal Growth in the Yavapai Province of Colorado

Moeller A, Premo WR, Baumgartner L, Kooijman E, Bouvier A-S & Kelly NM


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03e: Room 1, Thursday 25th June 07:00 - 07:03

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Submitted by Aleksandra Redlinska-Marczynska on Thursday 25th June 05:46
Are there any inhertited zircon UPb ages?
That is a very good and relevant question. The samples were previously dated by TIMS or SHRIMP by the USGS (Wayne Premo). Those did not find evidence for inheritance. We did the oxygen and Hf analyses on newly made zircon mounts and focused on oscillatory zoned parts of the grains, but did not produce new U-Pb data. That is a current weakness in our data set. However, if you look at the eHf vs U-Pb age plot you can see there is very little variation in most samples that precludes much U-Pb inheritance. We will follow this up with small diameter laser U-Pb dating.

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