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(2020) Crustal Anatexis Forms Continental Crust in the Izu Rear-Arc

Duan H, Barker AK, Jeon H, Whitehouse M & Zhang C


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04j: Room 1, Saturday 27th June 05:33 - 05:36

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Submitted by Changqian Ma on Wednesday 24th June 09:19
Thank you ! You pointed out that most of the felsic magma in this area is formed by the mafic oceanic crust anatexis? Do these felsic rocks have the characteristics of adakite rocks?
Thanks Prof. Ma for this question! Izu arc is an oceanic arc. Our results show that the felsic magma of Izu rear-arc is formed by anatexis of the oceanic crust, but this oceanic crust is not a subducted oceanic crust is the surface thickened oceanic crust. Our samples have not been studied for trace elements, but the results of other articles that study the same unit2 sample in this core drill show that the unit2 glass samples do not have the characteristics of high strontium and low yttrium. Our samples also do not have the characteristics of high magnesium numbers.

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