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(2020) Coupled Magmatic and Eruption Dynamics of the Puipui and Nearby Submarine Eruptions (Tonga)

Rubin K, Clague D, Michael P, Russo C, Jenner F, Gill J, Todd E, Finlayson V, Escrig S & Embley B


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05b: Room 1, Saturday 27th June 06:57 - 07:00

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Submitted by Melissa Anderson on Friday 26th June 22:33
Thank you for the interesting talk DJ Jazzy Ken! How common is it to have a lava flow with two distinct parental compositions? Are the compositions distinct enough that the melts were immiscible?
great questions Melissa. (1) the major element compositions are probably similar enough to be fully miscible, although we don;t really know what the end members were, or their spatial distribution, since we spent less time exploring this eruption deposit than would have been ideal, because of the multi-disciplinary cruise, and because people, including me, wanted (understandably) to spend as much time at West Mata as possible while it was erupting. ;-) (2) I believe a large fraction of basaltic eruptions are fed by magmas of more than one composition, even if that is just from variable differentiation, but this case, where there are two clear parent melts is less commonly observed. It has been seen before (for instance our work on the S-EPR, in Bergmanis et al., G-cubed 8, Q12O06, doi:10.1029/2007GC001742), and I and others (e.g., John Maclennan and oli Shorttle) have argued in the past that seeing or not seeing such signatures may be telling us more about the efficiency of pre-eruptive magma mixing than the absence of multiple melt parents).

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