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(2020) Subsurface 18O Exchange at Low Temperatures: The (GMWL) Plot Thickens

Warr O, Giunta T, Onstott T, Kieft T, Harris R, Nisson D & Sherwood Lollar B


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14e: Plenary Hall, Wednesday 24th June 00:42 - 00:45

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Submitted by Garnet Lollar on Sunday 21st June 18:33
It's clear from your slides that this is an exciting pattern of processes you've established. From what I gathered, you're not proposing a singular, central "common ancestor" brine worldwide, but instead a commonality of processes worldwide that can cause similar isotopic effects on the subsurface brines they contain. Further, as opposed to previous processes that tend to focus on mixing trends that impact both 18O AND 2H, you highlight processes that decouple these isotopes from each other. Is that a reasonable takeaway of what you've shown here?

Submitted by Jethro Sanz-Robinson on Sunday 21st June 21:31
Does your global model (as applied to Kidd Creek) imply that fracture fluid isotope compositions are attained exclusively through low-temperature oxygen exchange between metamorphic waters and silicate and carbonate minerals?

Submitted by Joan De Vera on Monday 22nd June 01:18
Can you explain in more detail the basis of the model equation (2nd to the last slide)? How do you determine the f and ??

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