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(2020) Nucleation Delay and the Textural Development during Crystalization of a Hydrous Felsic Melt

Rusiecka MK & Baker DR


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04j: Room 1, Saturday 27th June 00:33 - 00:36

Monika K. Rusiecka
Don R. Baker View abstracts at 6 conferences in series

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Submitted by Changqian Ma on Wednesday 24th June 09:08
Thank you for showing a very exciting and important study! I have two questions: (1)Rocks with similar composition have different structures. This is because the main influencing factor of rock texture is nucleation controlled by undercooling. How does the crystal growth process affect the rock texture? (2) The water content of your experimental sample is about 4%. What is the average water content of natural rhyolite?

Submitted by Ke Gao on Friday 26th June 21:10
Interesting study! I have three questions about your results that I hope you might be able to answer: 1. In your No. 12 and 13 pages, you said that the samples farther from equilibrium define a steeper slope than the samples closer from equilibrium. What are the temperatures? or degrees of undercooling?included in “steeper slope” ? It looks like just 500?? 2. In the summary page, you mentioned that your study combined with rhyolite-MELTS thermodynamics predicts, could you introduce how did you do the rhyolite-MELTS thermodynamics predicts in detail? 3. How to contrast your results with the natural samples? Thank you!

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